About Us


The tiny villages of India resides the vast beautiful hands and minds that create the elegant artistic masterpieces. The passion of an artist's heart is reflected in their art. This art inspired from the mother nature,history,legends myths and various other things speaks about the heritage and history of India.

The life of an artist cannot be separated from creativity. These artists give their whole life in creating great things from scratches.They dedicate their lifetime trying to keep their art alive from generation to generation and giving shape to their imagination in the form of their art. Their skill n their talent are great but at times they face thousands of hurdles to earn a living from it.To overcome any problem we always have to look for a solution, not only look for a solution but also start working on it. We are taking an initiative to help all the artists by providing them with an online market to sell their products. Our motto is to bridge the gap between regional handloom workers and artists and rest of the world and rediscover the various Indian handwork at national and International market.We reach out to regional artists and craftsmen with the aim to provide them a platform to showcase their art to the world thereby getting them out of the shadow. On the other hand we desire to provide our world with a range of conscientiously handpicked handcrafted products from the artistic treasure across the country reflecting the colorful and vivid culture of India.At the same time we make sure our customers get the best quality products at fair prices.

We want to break the ice and bring the Indian handicraft in front of the world with the price that's been demanded by the artists themselves.